Microsoft windows:

If you have Microsoft Windows, it has its own proprietary service instructions and its own set of tools and menus. So you can buy or use any one key function of some operating system according to your own choice. For example, memory management means that CPU devices handle files by managing the processor so which operating system manages your computer’s memory.

The system manages all the security of your computer for the control of the computer, for example, and the coordination between other software and users. So each of these operating systems has a unique functionality and important function because of how it responds to the user on behalf of the user of these functions.

Mac OS:

I let you know Windows Mac OS and even Linux Ubuntu version is a GUI operating system it has become very popular because these are very easy to use as well as come after navigating. This is specifically about our sharing operating systems that share tasks for efficient processor use, formerly called sharing OS. If you have a Mac OS it’ll have.

Its own set of instructions rules the interface itself the tools menus and so on if you have Microsoft Windows it has its own set of proprietary serve instructions and tools and menus so based on your own preference you can purchase or buy or use any one of these operating systems some of the key functions.

Linux Operating system:

Linux and of course Windows which I am currently using and I will also show the virtualization so that you can see how two operating systems look on the same computer. So for example, I have Oracle Virtual Machine or Virtual Box Manager and it has different operating systems. For example, I have Linux Writing or Kali Linux installed.

This is actually a powerful aspect of virtualization of an operating system itself where you can run multiple operating systems on your own computer. You may have a Mac OS or any other operating system as long as you create different virtual machines. So that only gives you a high-level overview of what operating systems and how they can be on your own computer. So once I have it in the operating system, for example, Linux.

Real-time Operating System:

This is another type of operating system called the real-time operating system. Real time operating system can be single tasking or multi-tasking. This means it will only take one job or one to work together or it can take multiple. At the same time works us then a distributed operating system.

Now you know that the whole world is connected to a network to increase our processing needs because we are doing a lot of work. Specialized Software Specialized Operating System Now I have a system at my disposal but I may not be able to store the software that I need. There is complete software so what happens. There will be many systems in one network.

Multitasking Operating system:

An important concept after that is the concept of multitasking and I would like to mention it. Basically, for example, multitasking within the operating system allows the user to perform tasks on multiple computers. For example, when an application program is run on a specific program, Over time you may still have a word processing program such as Microsoft Word still open, you are downloading something from the Internet so that two things are happening together and multitasking.