Top 6 Reasons Why Advertisers Should Write

If there is anything wrong with blogging, I have not found it. The more you learn about blogging, the more you will enjoy it.

In fact, here are 6 reasons why every advertiser should blog:

1- Quick Search Engine and Index of Your Site:

Did you know that Google owns the world’s most popular blogging site? Blogger is used to generate thousands of blogs. Even a complete online teenager can set up a blog in about 5 minutes on Blogger. And guess who can be counted on to come and quickly annoy all those new blogs as they are written?

Yahoo also accepts blogs and feeds in a big way. Savvy marketers know that adding their blogs and feeds to their MyYahoo page can bring the Yahoo spider to their site instantly.

One of the reasons why blogs get a spider fast is because most of them produce feeds. Many blogs “ping” (or notify) automatically other major sites that host these feeds and make them available for sale. Search engines put these places several times a day. Blogger, for example, pings Weblogs every time you post. You can also “log in” to a free site called Pingomatic every time you add a new blog post. Your ping will notify Yahoo and the other 11 major feed sites that you have added to the post. If it were so easy to make Google see new pages on common sites!

If you have a new site that is having trouble indexing, adding a blog or RSS feed is one of the quickest ways to make spiders call.

2- Blogs That Can Build Your Background Links Instantly:

When you spend time trying to find similar links to your site, you know how frustrating, tedious, and time-consuming it can be. I have long regarded the construction of a harmonious link as one of the worst ways to improve link popularity. Many SEO experts consider one-way links as the most effective.

A blog can create one-way links to your site faster. If you have just started a blog, you should post it on the main blog and feed guides.

Once you submit your blog in these guidelines, you will find your backlinks growing faster. Over the past year, many webmasters have used RSS feeds for their sites to keep their sites fresh and spider-free.

After starting my first blog, I was amazed at how many different sites hosted my feed with a link back to my site! These links may be repeated over and over again.

Now tell me something. Would you not spend your time adding content to your site instead of trying to find questionable responses? Especially if it doesn’t take extra time?

3- The Frequently Blogged Blog will keep Spiders Visiting Your Site Regularly:

Most of us know that search engines like sites that are updated regularly. If your blog is well organized, all posts will update a few pages of your site. Then pinging Yahoo and a blog and feed directory on Pingomatic can pull out spiders in just a few hours. This is a great way to get new pages to your site indexed quickly and consistently.

4- Your site is sticky and very popular with visitors:

A blog on your site is an easy way to keep your site up to date. The good thing is that guests will come more often. If they find your blog interesting and informative, they may keep your bookmark. That means you have a very good marketing opportunity. And you have an audience ready for any new products you present.

A blog can also add a personal face to your website that potential customers will trust and respond to. Most retailers know that people buy from people they love and respect. A well-written blog is a great way to build relationships with your visitors.

5- Blog The Fastest And Easyest Way To Build A New Product Website Without Training:

Even a 10-year-old can set up a blog on and blog right away. No HTML information required. You do not need to know how to do FTP. You do not need to know how to link pages to your site. All you have to do is type in your post and click the “publish” button. And yet you can still set up an attractive, spider site during the recording.

Blogs can be used on any type of site, not just the four online delivery or new product advertising space. By using a blog you can quickly build a niche site. Just search for the best keywords for your niche. Then write articles around those keywords and post them on your blog. Enter your keywords in your title. You now have a fast-paced niche site that the spider will install quickly and easily.

6- The competition for keywords on RSS feeds is much lower than in SE’s:

Google, Yahoo, and MSN each have billions of web pages in their indexes. It may be almost impossible to get high rankings in competing keywords if you do not have a high PR site with many backlinks.

It is a completely different story on RSS feed sites. Competitive competition for many keywords is almost non-existent. Setting up a blog in some of these highly competitive niches is a great way to compete effectively.

Marketers spend a lot of time and money getting traffic to their sites, creating backlinks, earning good SE rates, and building relationships with their customers. A blog can improve your results in all those areas. There are not many free marketing strategies that can make that claim!

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