Popular Types Of Websites You Can Create

Popular Types Of Websites You Can Create
  • Authority based website:

This is the kind of website where people receive their leads offline. So mostly through referrals or networking or trade shows, people already know about this company. And they go to the website to verify that they’re legitimate and it’s kind of the “get over the hump” type of a website.

So the leads they come offline and the business itself, the sale, the providing of the service. So I’m going to go ahead and call that the sale. So, providing the service that also happens offline, and these are the get over the hump type of websites, very common type of website.

  • Blog or personal website:

WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform and quickly evolved into a powerful CMS. During the last few years, those blogging and personal website components didn’t disappear.

They have become more polished, sophisticated, and mature. If you are going to create a blog or personal website, then you will find plenty of tools to manage and grow your WordPress quickly.

  • Lead Generation website:

This is the type of website where you want to receive your leads online. So you want people to type in a service. So say they’re looking for a divorce attorney in Seattle, this kind of company, this kind of website wants to get those leads online. They want their website to be found online, but still the sale happens offline, right?

The attorney wants to be found. The dentist wants to be found, even some roofers or plumbers. They want to still be found online by random quote, unquote random people, people with buyer’s intent that go to the website, see they’re legitimate. So a website can be more than one kind. So a website can be an Authority and a Lead Generation website.

E-Commerce website:

 E-Commerce store fits into this category, but it could also be if you say a dentist and you allow people to schedule online, that could be considered a Sales website because, on the website itself, you’re having somebody commit to a sale on that website.

The final kind of website is the Utility website. And this is where the business itself and the website are one, they are one and the same. So like Facebook, Airbnb, uh, what’s called a SASS product?

Media website:

Media websites collect news stories or other reports. There is some overlap here with entertainment websites, but media websites are more likely to include the pieces referred to instead of the content intended for entertainment. This section includes sites such as the Washington Post website, Slate and Inc.

Media websites usually make money through advertisements that appear on the sites, subscription models, or a combination of the two. Many media websites are online branches of media features that often appear in other forms such as TV channels or print magazines and newspapers, but a few are only online.


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