Off-Page SEO Steps And Technique

Off-Page SEO Steps And Technique

First, we’ll start with social bookmarking so as I know the social bookmarking becomes most the most popular thing. Because all of the world is getting connected with the Internet and people are more engaged with these social websites. So I recommend that this is the main off-page SEO technique that you have to go and promote your website on different social bookmarking websites like Dig, dilation, reedit. So then you bookmark your web page log on the popular social bookmarking websites. You will gain high traffic for your web page or your blog so you can also build high-quality backlinks using social bookmarking. So submit your little lettuce blog post or pages to the most popular blog marking or bookmarking sites so that you can get more and more traffic.

The second thing is the video submission. Video submission is like you made a video for your website. Your web page your tutorials give links to your website and submit the videos or upload the videos on the popular website. One of the popular video uploading websites is YouTube. So I have an article so I have made a video and I’m inserting the video on YouTube so like this in the description I added the URL and another link to the other websites.

So on this video so that users can go and do my website using this link so this is how I can promote my website on another YouTube and another video channel. So the some of the YouTube channel and other video channels are break use upstream daily motion screen yahoo live vine Netflix. These are some websites that you can use to promote your website and you can submit the videos of your website. Web pages and get a high rank on Google by getting more traffic.

The next thing is forum signatures so this is also very important nowadays. Because the forums generally have questions and queries and the answers to go to the forums which are relevant to you your website which are like includes to your website. So go there and goes to your links of the web pages so that you know Google can recognize them and give you a higher rank so search engine optimization submission. So this would be very important and you can see the actual.

The first step that you must apply to your website that whenever you take a domain so submit it on search engines like Google Yahoo and everywhere so just submit your domain. So that other search engines can let know that this domain is being registered so that they can crawl your website so next is the social networks go to the social networks and submit your website and promote your website on different Word Press. Facebook every barracks at the outside the world outside Europe’s you have to promote your website. In different ways by using social networks video and etc.

The next thing is blog commenting go to the blogs that are relevant to you and comment on them and put the links to your website. On the other blogging websites, Google Analytics uses Google Analytics to let know that how many users how many visitors are there for your website. So that you can take attention to your SEO and optimize or improve your SEO as well as Google Analytics.

Directory submission sometimes is also helpful. So you can try using ABC and submission directory and your marketing directories infographics is like I’m submitting an image as also their webmasters submit you’re its URL sitemap. So you must submit your sitemap to Google and other search engines to follow is also their photo-sharing is well not the important thing that you can use go to Flickr Picasa and submit your photos some mature photos and your links on the photo websites.

So that you can get traffic from there also so after making a website you think that how to increase the traffic your website so this off with SEO is the best technique to help to solve your question that is you should follow these methods to get a better rank on Google is using the off-page SEO techniques.


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