Make Money Blogging Using These Nine Powerful Techniques

The question “How to make money with blogging” remains on the minds of all bloggers. I actually got a lot of questions about “How to make money blogging” while conducting my first web broadcast to answer the most pressing questions of my subscribers to Blogs and RSS.

You can make money blogging in many ways, and in this article, I share with you nine tips on how to make money blogging.

  1. Make Money Blogging By Selling Advertising Space

Before the advent of Blogs, we had e-zines, and selling advertising space on zines was a popular way to earn extra money. When you run your Blog, you can allow others to advertise on your Blogs with ads, personal ads, sponsor ads, categories and more.

Now that we have blogs, you can repeat the same business model that e-zine publishers, which sells advertising space.

One well-known advertising company that helps Bloggers to target advertisers is Blogads (

In addition to placing advertiser ads on your blog, you can earn money by blogging by adding Google AdSense to your blog.

In my “Blog and RSS Advertising” videos, I show you how to customize your Blog template to include Google AdSense in your Blog Template to monetize your blog.

  1. Make Money Blogging by providing technical services such as Hosting or Blogging

You can also earn money by blogging by providing technical services such as helping people set up their blogs or by providing your own Blog hosting service.

An example of this is HTTP: //www.Typepad. com. This is a Blog hosting service that charges a monthly fee. Typepad lets you create your own Blog and will host your blog, and give you a number of Blog features.

  1. Make Money Blogging by establishing affiliate marketing

Joint Venture marketing is a powerful marketing strategy used by many top online advertisers.

Basically how a joint venture works is this: You promote personalized B products on your subscriber and customer list, and you get a discount on any of the following sales from this promotion.

You can apply the principle of affiliate marketing on Blogs as well. If you have a lot of readers on your blog, you can also promote or allow certain products to readers of your blog in this way, and separate profits from ads. This is another way to make money blogging.

  1. Make Money Blogging using the Membership model

Over time, if your blog has a lot of posts and offers great quality content, you might consider converting it into a membership site and charging access to it, and giving you an alternative.

  1. Make Money Blogging by converting your products into

Another way to make money blogging is to repack your blog’s content in an e-book or audio product and sell it. For example, if you run your own Podcasting program or ‘online radio program’, you can easily combine your podcast recordings into a CD compilation and sell them.

  1. Earn Money By Blogging By Exchangeing Blogs

You’ve heard about ad exchange when it comes to e-zine publishing when publishers publish each other’s ads via their e-zines. In this way, you save money on advertising costs.

You can repeat the same pattern in Blogs, as you exchange ads on Blogs. So instead of paying in advance, you get a saving, which means more money you can spend!

  1. Earn Money By Blogging by converting your blog’s content into an RSS feed and selling it as a leading feed

The content of your blog can be converted to an RSS feed. If the content is good, you can look for web businesses that are looking for good content on related topics and sell them to their feed.

  1. Make Money Blogging by well, ask!

Hello, who is preventing you from putting a PayPal jar or button on your blog? You know, there are many generous people you know.

  1. Make Money Blogging As an Affiliate Market

Another way to make money with blogging is to advertise other people’s products on your blog. This is also known as integrated marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you are paid a commission when someone clicks on your related link and buys. Depending on the topic of your blog, you can recommend products that solve people’s problems.

For example, I had a subscriber who asked me how to write about cats and make money blogging about cats.

I shared with him that for the first time, he might want to create a niche instead of pointing to a broad category of “cats”, and using the example of the Persian cat, which is a niche itself, could start a blog about Persian cats, providing valuable information and recommended solutions and products for pet care and Persian cats.

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