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Creative Process Of Making Video Content

Creative Process Of Making Video Content

In this article, we’re getting to be talking about the creative process of making video content. the primary thing I would like to mention is, albeit you are a CMO or you have been leading a marketing team for the last decade or 20 years or three decades, it’d be helpful to quite take that Starbucks model and need yourself to travel all the thanks to the barista level to actually get your hands dirty as you’re creating video content together with your team. And just allow yourself a touch little bit of a learning curve.

Maybe a two-week deep dive where you get to ascertain your team in action, you get to ascertain all the items that are required. Because none of this is often getting to add up or be helpful if you are not getting to invest in video from the highest down.

So I’m getting to rehearse four different steps to remember as you lead creative teams into this medium in order that everyone seems to like you’re fully agreement and understanding of what you’re requiring of them.

The first thing is simply to spot what the aim of the video is

And I know this sounds so rudimentary, but this could be common practice anyway for you by now, and it should be no different with this medium. the primary thing to try to do would be, get everyone within the room who works within your organization that might enjoy this piece. So, as an example, I actually love it once we can get the sales team and therefore the support team within the same room with our marketing team to speak through all the potential pitfalls, the language that we’re using, the experience that we’re promising on a video.

Because sometimes, even when we’re talking about our product, we could also be saying something that we are idealizing about the merchandise that we actually don’t support or don’t deliver. which could just be a fluke. It might be something that we just haven’t double-checked.

But putting the remainder of our team members during a compromising position and really overpromising something that we will not deliver on with clients who we actually love, is that the opposite effect that we’re trying to possess once we use video content. So, so as to stay ourselves honest, and so as to make pieces that have a time period, we would like everyone within the same room, we wanna know exactly what the objectives are alleged to be, and the way we’re really enhancing the general communication experience with this particular piece.

The second piece of the creative process is to possess an idea

A lot of times, for me, what this suggests is simply to possess a script, albeit it’s just bullet points. I feel what’s really helpful there’s it cuts down on your editing time ’cause you are not rambling and your editor doesn’t need to sit there for hours on end trying to work out what you were really trying to mention. But it also gives your entire team an honest perspective on the various supplemental assets they could get to create to form the video an entire comprehensive piece that will be used across multiple platforms.

This is super helpful on my behalf. It just keeps my team organized, and it gives everybody quite a leg up to actually start thinking creatively about the graphic assets and setting the stage for the video in order that it matches the tone that we’re trying to realize with this particular piece.

The third part of the creative process is the production

With production, there are numerous things to think about. very similar to every other medium, you’ve gotta have tools so as to require thought from conception to completion. And with video, which will get pretty pricy and pretty complex quickly. So, what’s super helpful, again therein script phase we just talked about, is to urge clear about what tools your team actually must get this thing over the finishing line. This scope goes from iPhone footage or maybe the camera on your laptop, all thanks to RED cameras with Panavision lenses. I mean, it can get really crazy. this is often why it’s super important to try to do your due diligence in those first two steps of the creative process in order that you’re, again, not setting your team to fail when it comes time to truly produce the project.

The fourth piece of the creative process is post-production

Post-production is where we see tons of things start to crumble if communication didn’t happen right from the start. I do know there’s this concept that editors will just get what we give them, and they’ll make magic. I feel that’s such a horrible position to be putting our creative team in because right from the beginning, they will help reset expectations if maybe you’ve overlooked a neighborhood of the method that you simply probably were just not conversant in.

Something that I’m always blown away by, whenever, is that the sheer amount of your time it takes to try to editing, color correcting, audio cleanup, adding graphics, doing thumbnails for YouTube, recreating a number of these pieces to suit the wants for sort of a LinkedIn ad.

I hope this just gives you another opportunity to succeed in bent your team members and connect with them in a way that’s really personal and acknowledges the work that they are doing.

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