Blogging or Non-Blogging – Layman’s View

We are now in the world of blogs! Sounds kind of Harry Potterish, doesn’t it?

If you’re over 20, maybe you think this is a crazy sci-fi event, or I just lost my mind. Don’t worry, most people do not know what a blog is about and most importantly, why it is important to them.

If you are under 20 you can stop reading because you probably know everything about blogs, and the amount they have in sharing information.

In a recent article, Johnson Ong jokes “I have a blog. Not everyone? Do you mean you don’t have it? How cool are you? According to Merriam-Webster, ‘blog’ was last year’s name. You Don’t have Gmail? My God, what are you? Caveman! “

More or less, cool or cool, I want to talk to blogs from a business perspective, as well as the huge amount that can bring business. There are a few reasons why building a blog is a great strategy for any business.

1) It will significantly increase your web presence for search engines like blogs!

2) It will allow your business to educate customers and prospects on certain subjects, and be seen as an expert

3) It will raise the profile of your business and your vendors and other strategic partners if they are invited to contribute to your blog

4) Some blogs can, and will, take information from your blog, and will increase your exposure to anyone who participates in ‘taking over the blog.

5) Blogs welcome subscribers, and everyone who subscribes to your blog will be constantly updated (pinged) by you with current information.

So What?

The full name of the blog is a web blog. It is a repository of articles, newsletters, information, and discussion boards. It’s like a ‘what’s new’ page online for any topic you choose. When people search for any topics you have on your blog, they may end up on your blog with their search. If you do it right, your blog is already, fully embedded in your company, and linked to your main website.

If you keep current articles, and information on your blog, you’ll get hits from people who want information on those topics. You will also find songs from other blogs, and they will spread your knowledge to their audiences.

You’ll find hits from newsletters or news items, as well as people looking for those specific contributors with the search engine.

Hopefully, you get the picture. Your web traffic should grow exponentially with the best use of the blog.

Business Blogs

Business blogs still have to sweep the business community, providing an important opportunity to get used to the technology in any business. It will allow you to share expertise and knowledge with a wider audience, which should create greater profits.

There is some blogging software available, and you will need to learn how to make a successful and important blog. You will also need to learn how to acquire and generate current industry information to fill your blog with articles that will keep interested and value. Yes, there is a work in it that you do not think is free, with no effort required, as you do with a pipe?

As you add current information to your topic area, or to secondary features that you may add to your blog, your chances of hits are higher. The more you submit your own articles and news items to the appropriate areas of the topic, the greater your chances. In addition, there are sources that allow you to publish their articles, which can be used to increase the value of the blog, so the chances of being found on a good old web.

So How Does It Work?

If you still press the Stop / Break button in the top right corner of your keyboard to ask your supervisor for permission to visit the toilet, you can skip this section. Otherwise, it is actually not very difficult to follow.

In addition to getting the most technology, there are many web robots (bots), crawlers, and spiders, with the same powerful RSS Reader technology. Those are the things that are specific to blogs. They basically want stories, and blogs have those stories.

If you do it right, these bots, crawlers, and spiders get your blog and send the information elsewhere, which is exactly what you want. Your blog calls these web ‘monsters’ “come in and take these good things I have.”

For example, these web ‘animals’ include yahoo slurp, Googlebot, feedstercrawler, pubsub, syndic8, msnbot, Newsgator, CP30, & R2D2.

Well, the last two were friends of Luke Skywalker, but some were real.

It will take 4 to 6 weeks for the search engines to adjust the level but the main effect will be that you will increase the level of search engines in the various title areas you enter. When people search for technologies or topics discussed on your blog, they will find you in the search engines.

That should be a suggestion that you should have content on your blog about frequently searched topics.

If a title is searched which is compiled by one of your branded, personalized articles, your full name information may be redirected to another blog, or to a specific person conducting a search on that topic. You can post that article on your website, and it will not go anywhere. However, on your blog it gets a lot of juice, and it can suddenly be pushed into any number of doors.

Linking Benefits Grow Your Brand

When website owners and bloggers (yes, I am now a blogger!) Think about linking, they usually refer to incoming links from external websites and blogs. For example, if you had a link to your website on another business’s website.

While adding additional inbound links to external sites is important, there is also a type of ‘backlink’ link strategy associated with blogs.

Inbound links for your blog will give you another benefit when someone is posted on an article in your blog from another website. For example, with GooglePageRank, the host page (you) gains the power of a search engine when that happens, which helps the entire blog by increasing the popularity of the blog, which in turn increases search results, which drive. raise search engine rankings.

This !? I have written it and I have to read it six times to really follow what I am saying.

Basically, the more people visit your blog from other sources, the more likely it is that people will find you when they search for dozens of topics. That kind of profit is not in the normal website traffic, because that visit does not affect the quality of the website in search engines. But blog traffic gained from a link from another site will drive search engines. Is that too obvious !? It is clear as fog on the ground. Oops!

Web designer Sue Studios says; “Blogs with high-tech, end-to-end desktop tools can strengthen relationships, share information, enhance collaboration, and enhance brand creation. Think hard about your e-newsletter strategies:

1) Topics within newsletters can be linked to a blog, prolong life and create great conversation

2) You can provide a bi-directional forum for customers to get a real, personal view of your products and services

3) Company professionals can start a blog and become industry experts, help your company succeed in competing and, through this collaborative forum, attract customers to other information exchanges and ideas. “

However, it does snow so I think I will blog! Stop, is that something you do in the snow, or something you do to keep yourself out of the snow ?!

Or is it Celtic dance? Or should the Steelers block that kick-off Week? I’m confused.

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