5 reasons why your site needs publishing news feeds

It seems everyone is talking about RSS Feed. They have been around for years but the news is buzzing about them as technology continues to advance. Some people are reportedly abandoning their browsers and browsing the web through their readers – but have not yet represented the general public yet.

So does your site need it?

This question is like asking if your site needs a newsletter. Sure, the sky will not fall tomorrow if you do not get it today, but once you realize the benefits of having your site news, and try it yourself, you may be as addicted as the rest of us.

Reason # 1: Too much free traffic to your site

I’m not exaggerating when I say that a feed that is regularly updated can bring you huge amounts of traffic in a short period of time. This will not be true forever.

Here is a summary in PDF format, of traffic coming out of the feed on my site’s 24-hour open page.
Not really trampling, but here’s the good part.

On the fourth day, the supply was doubled, and all the other cars kept going up the same level.

That is my fifth active diet of twenty I have distributed to four sites, and I get the same results each time. In 30 days, that will be at least 5,000 new targeted visitors – again, this does not count my current traffic, or those who try my food and stay subscribed, and it does not cause what happens when traffic jams double.

I can’t promise you exactly the same results, no one can. But you should know that my feed is targeted at a crowded market – if you know how to position your feed properly and make good use of your keyword research, you can have better results.

Those visitors, from the first hour of traffic to today, appeared in my post feed list of references that I have included in many sources and read them. Some bring great free traffic to new feeds, others are better when your feed is mature.

You can find better placement in the feed directory and in Yahoo’s RSS Directory than you would in your search engine results, and in most cases, installs are instantaneous.

Reason # 2: It’s a way to refresh your audience

What if you could use your newsletter without the hassle of keeping your list, deleting canceled addresses, finding new subscribers, formatting the content you find, modifying your content so that it is not banned, and after all, wondering if all the various blockers are wrong. keep your message off?

If that sounds like heaven, you can be one of the angels soon after an hour from now.

When you add your current newsletter with the most common updates to the feed, you will be able to download subscriber updates to your news channel or feed more often and more effectively.

With all the new free tools available, even if you are all thumbs up when it comes to creating a web page, if you can fill out the form, you can create a feed.

Reason # 3: Get visitors to click on your site whenever you update

If you have never used a feed reader before, you may be confused about the link between your feed and your site and why it might cause an increase in traffic. I will try to explain this in words, but I suggest you download the news link (also known as the feed reader), and look at the feed results of your favorite site through the reader after reading this for the full result.

You can use my main feed here if you do not have something to watch:

If you do not want to have another top app while you are on the couch, you can try Pluck, a free app that you can use for more than just a feed that includes Internet Explorer – find it in Freetrafficdirectory and it will take you directly to the download page.

You can do this again in My Yahoo !, by changing your page to include their RSS Headlines console, still in Beta testing at http://my.yahoo. com.

In summary, the visitor sees the news headlines we want to read, looks at the summary, and clicks on your site to read all the other stories, either in a new window or without leaving a request.

And if you review, the reader will let you know you have new news titles, and / or complete a list of items. This can keep your audience coming back.

If you have trouble following that, come to this page for a one-minute lesson: Freetrafficdirectory

Reason # 4: Reuse old content.

If you have a list of your old articles, reviews of old products, site suggestions, or archived newsletters, you can use those to create content to complement your feed information. As long as these stories are relevant, you can also use this content to attract new visitors

Reason # 5: It’s so easy and crazy not to do it.

A few months ago, there weren’t many free tools online that made the startup process and feed advertising effective and easy to use.

The point is, now that you can get all those benefits by filling out a form, saving a file, uploading it to your server, promoting it and, occasionally updating it, it is crazy not to do that.

You already have to update your site from time to time. You can also get all the benefits of having a news feed.

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